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Welcome to the official site of "The Filliben Fanclub", a horde guild on EU Balnazzar. We are a new casual raiding/pvp guild that is building a strong base ready for the cataclysm expansion. Our objectives for now are to progress raid until we complete ICC, then get ready for cata so we can do the same again. We are currently doing ToC 10 man to gear up new members. Our officers and many of the soldiers all have experience from raiding, and love helping all the new members.
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Recruitment is OPEN
By Lamzor-GM, Jun 18, 10 8:14 AM

Hey guys and gals. We are currently looking for a few classes to help strenghen our raiding core for 10 mans. Check out the forums for info about classes!

Raid Nights are now MONDAY and FRIDAY
By Lamzor-GM, Jun 18, 10 8:12 AM

This is an important Announcement to all Raiding Guildies. Raids are now Wednesday and Monday evenings, around Half 7 gametime/Half 6 UK time. On Wednesday the first raid we do will always be the Weekly. Then we will clear ToC, afterwards moving onto progession in ICC. Mondays are dedicated continua... Read More

ICC 10 Storming the Citadel ...
By Lamzor-GM, Jun 17, 10 7:26 PM

Finally got into ICC and took a good chunk out of it. Very happy with the progess we made on the same night we did ToC! Special Mention to Lichkingx who owned the tanking so I could /afk :D Saurfang Next!

ToC 10 Cleared
By Lamzor-GM, Jun 17, 10 7:00 PM

Very proud of everyone who came along to the very fast ToC 10 run! Gratz to the peoples who got loot, and Thanks to Filliben (Our proud Sponsor) for tagging along :P

Sartharion the Onyx Guardian - Owned!
By Lamzor-GM, May 24, 10 12:43 PM

Well done to everyone who attended, was immensely easy I know, but good for a first guild raid :P. very proud!

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